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Over 20 years of experience in the home lending and finance industries has provided me the opportunity to help people just like you take control of their finances. I built my career on finding solutions and providing options- when things are easy AND when things get tough.

My clients get the benefit of enjoying my high approval rates due to the strong relationships I have fostered with my lenders and because of my knowledge and continued growth and experience in this sector.

Deep Knowledge & Expertise

Through my personal and professional experiences and endeavours I can provide expertise that extends beyond mortgages and into all aspects of your finances.

Trust & Support

I strive to ensure that my clients feel comfortable and supported through every step of the process by providing communication, prompt responses, and ongoing updates every step of the way.

Guidance & Results

Over 20 years of experience means that I have established strong relationships with lenders who know, like, and trust working with me.

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Buying a Home After a Seperation

I’ve bought three homes in my life. One was out of fear & survival, the second love & hope, the third fear & hope.

Home number one was when I was 22, a single parent fleeing a toxic relationship. A home for my daughter and me meant roots, stability, safety, it meant we weren’t running anymore. We were safe.

Home number two was exciting! I was buying a home with my partner for our family to grow together in. This purchase was filled with hope, excitement and love.

Home number three was the most emotional purchase. I was separating from my ex and buying a home alone to start a new life in with my babies. Emotions ran high, fear, worry, shame, sadness, relief, hurt, pain and confusion all overcame me. So did hope, excitement, optimism and courage.

To say buying a home is transactional or about getting the best rate, is false! All three homes I bought were emotional transactions. Working with people who get that is so important!

Working for you

Every situation is unique, and so are you. I am always here for my clients and will work so that this process works for you

We do this together

I will be by your side every step of the way so you feel and know that you are not in this alone.

Buying a Home During a Pandemic

I have never seen such an uncertain market in the last decade of my career. Limited inventory, causing bidding wars. Unsteady rate increases and decrease making it making it difficult to gage market trends for rate pricing. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, confused or even afraid about todays housing market, your not alone. So many of my clients feel the same way.

That’s why I’m here to help.

Let’s talk about these fears. Weigh your pros and cons together, no pressure ever from this woman

No Pressure
Ongoing Support

What My
Clients Have To Say

My husband and I worked with Natasha to build our first home. Natasha really went above and beyond. I can’t believe how seamless the process was. She still helps us with any questions over 1 year later. Natasha is trustworthy, personable and easy to work with. She’s dedicated to ensuring you understand and will be as accommodating as possible! Such a positive experience!
Laurie D. A.
Regina, SK
Natasha was fantastic to work with she offered a careful and concise explanation for all question we posed to her. She was very perceptive to our concerns and needs and helped us obtain the rigth loan package for the purchase of our first home. I will surely recommend her expertise and services to my family and friends. Excellent job.
Vern B. B.
Regina, SK
Natasha made the experience easy for us. Like many, I can be skeptical of the financial services industry at times, but Natasha was ethical and always transparent. Other than providing documentation and information, she took care of the rest. 5 out of 5!
Shane E.
Regina, SK
Natasha was very easy to work with. She listened to our questions and concerns and answered them quickly and efficiently. She was able to find the best mortgage rate for us and ensured that we were placed on a road to financial success. We will definitely go see her again for future borrowing needs.
Joanne R.
Regina, SK

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What Do I
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What do I bring to the table that is different from the banks or other mortgage brokers?  

I have over 20 years of experience brokering mortgages and working in finance.  What this means is that over the past 16 years I have built strong relationships with lenders who know, like and trust me. It also means that I understand all aspects of finance, not just mortgages. I can find solutions and provide options that other lenders don’t think of and have pretty much seen every situation possible come across my desk. I often get clients approved who were declined by other lenders because of the strong relationships I have fostered with my lenders and because of my knowledge and experience.  

If you are committed to trusting me and are ready for me to work my magic for you, then go ahead and click on the button below and lets get this application rolling! 

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